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When a war is done it left much behind. Set in the backdrop of 1971 war, how two refugees got the shelter in then called Calcutta and go through the multiple shades of life is the main stream of the recently coming to release movie Gunday on 14th of February, Download On line Gunday Full Movie.

Storyline – At the end of the 71′s indo-pak conflict, a new nation came into existence named Bangladesh. But among many who did not got the way to that newly formed nation, started wondering here and there, two 12 years infants named Bikram and Bala had to escape to Calcutta in India. Being a victim of similar happenings with the both, they stood for each other under whatsoever the scenarios are. With the pass of the time, they grew stronger and popular across the area yet life has its own aspects to go through and overcome.



Theme – By the show, the much talked issue of refugees has been tried to put forth and let it decide to others why and how situations force one to get one in and face the havocs. Since the problem is so relevant with the sharing border of West Bengal and Bangladesh that there are many who are still remain unjustified. So it may be hoped that a notice must be taken of to this as whether there is Gunday may be assumed as a background, Watch On Line Gunday Movie .

Cast & Crew – The very first time chemistry between the same genre actors of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kappor looking fresh and energetic while Priyanka Kapoor is playing the lady lead in the show. So known duo of Ali Abbas Jafar as a director and Aditya Chopra as a producer, the movie has got a strong support in terms of justifying the issue along with marketing and distributing it effectively.

Music – Jashn-E-Ishqa and Ghanti are creating sensation among the youths along with other numbers. And why not when the music is composed by the highly acclaimed Bengali musician Bappi Lahiri then you may expect some innovative melodies to hit your eardrums as is happening.

Going to unveil on 14th February right on the day of Valentine’s day, the story also has a perfect treat of love and affection as well. So, better to reserve your birth in any theater suitable to you and stick with your place for more than 2 hours to enjoy the show, Download Gunday full Movie, and your Valentine special weekends as well.

Gunday Mp3 Songs Download In HD Quality

Gunday Mp3 Songs Download In HD Quality

Gunday Mp3 Songs

  • ==>> Jashn-E-Ishqa Mp3 Song <<==

    Javed Ali, Shadab Faridi

  • ==>> Tune Maari Entriyaan Mp3 Song <<==

    Bappi Lahiri, K.K, Neeti Mohan, Vishal

  • ==>> Jiya Mp3 Song <<==

    Arijit Singh

  • ==>> Asalaam-e-Ishqum Mp3 Song <<==

    Bappi Lahiri, neha Bhasin

  • ==>> Saaiyaan Mp3 Song <<==

    Shahid Mallya 

  • ==>> Mann Kunto Maula Mp3 Song <<==

    Altamash Faridi, Shadab Faridi

  • ==>> Gunday Mp3 Song <<==

    Sohail Sen